Are you a family seeking adoption?

We are a family owned company that has personally experienced miscarriages, loss, and frustrations with the adoption process. We understand your struggle and longing to complete your family.

Your Adoption Gateway provides you with an interactive and engaging, online space for you to meet and communicate with women seeking adoption. Through our adoption social network, we bring expectant mothers and waiting families together to streamline your searching efforts and time spent waiting to find the perfect child.

We accept every type of family as long as you have an approved and up to date home study.  We offer a free two-week trial period and several membership packages to meet your budget needs. You can also talk with other waiting families for support and guidance throughout your adoption journey.

Why choose Your Adoption Gateway

We have faced miscarriages, loss, infertility and the fear of the unknown when navigating through the adoption process. We believe that there should be an easier and stress free way to pursue adoption, which is why we created Your Adoption Gateway.

We want to inspire crosstalk throughout the adoption community, encouraging communication and support for those considering adoption by providing the safe and secure space for you to communicate with expectant mothers and other adoptive families.

What makes Your Adoption Gateway unique

We do care

We are a family owned and operated business. Making adoption easier for you is very near and dear to our hearts. We are personally invested in your success.

We have been through the adoption process

We understand your longing and frustrations when it comes to adoption.  Our personal insights, endless research and our comprehensive marketing approach will lead to your adoption success.

We love what we do

We are passionate about what we do and our mission is helping you connect with expectant mothers to bring home your child.

We are affordable

We offer VERY affordable membership packages that you will not find elsewhere. Other adoption companies will charge you, at a minimum, double our rate if not hundreds or thousands more. We firmly believe that you should not have to suffer financially to expand your family.

Comprehensive marketing strategy

With all our hearts, we want our company to succeed in fulfilling your desire to bring home a baby through adoption. Our comprehensive marketing strategy involves intense online advertising combined with a vast social media campaign, and partnering with professionals in our field.

We market EVERYDAY to bring people to our company website. Our comprehensive and nationwide marketing strategy provides you with greater exposure than ever before! Join for free and connect with expectant mothers today.

How we market

We operate on-line

We do intense online advertising combined with a vast social media campaign. Our strategy provides you with greater exposure than ever before!

We partner

We focus on partnering with professionals in our field.

We act consistently

We market EVERYDAY to bring people to our company website.

Adoption and the importance of the home study

If you are hoping to adopt within the United States, families must have an approved home study before being placed with a child. Obtaining a home study can be a lengthy process so it is important to be armed with information and be prepared for the home study visit.

What is a home study?

A home study is an in depth look at your family and your home. Criminal background checks at the state and federal level are done along with verification of income, birth, and marriage certificates. A social worker collects these documents and also has you fill out parenting questionnaires to learn your morals and values as a family. Once all of the documentation is completed, the social worker will visit with your family in the home and will ask you questions regarding your marriage, lifestyle, hobbies, work, parenting, and family values as well as survey your house to ensure the child will be safe in your home. After the home visit, the social worker will write a lengthy pre placement report for the court stating if you are fit parents and his/or her recommendations for the child being placed in the home.

How do I prepare for a home study?

Preparing for the home study is very important and your preparation will help the process go as smoothly as possible. Below are a few tips to help you through the home study process.

A few things you can do

  • Ensure you have working smoke alarms in the home.
  • All firearms and bullets must be secured in a safe or lock box to ensure the child’s safety.
  • Make sure to cover all electrical outlets with the appropriate plastic covers.
  • Childproof or lock any cabinets that contain harmful chemicals to include cleaning supplies.
  • All over the counter and prescription medicines should be in a locked container or placed out of reach of children.
  • Make sure you have a designated room for the child.
  • If you have a swimming pool, there must be at least a 4-foot fence around the perimeter.
  • Ensure your home is clean and does not contain mold, dust or any unhygienic objects.

Preparing for the home study and arming yourself with information will help ease your worries about the home study visit. Your Adoption Gateway requires that you submit an official business letter from your adoption agency, attorney or adoption professional stating that you have an up to date and approved home study, and approval to advertise with our company. Please email the business letter to youradoptiongateway@gmail.com. Once we receive it, your membership with us will be activated.

Pursue adoption with Your Adoption Gateway

If you are a family hoping to adopt, Your Adoption Gateway requires all families to have an up to date and approved adoption home study. We ask all of our families to email a formal letter from the adoption professional or attorney you are working with, stating that your home study is complete and up to date, and stating their approval for you to advertise with our company.  Once we receive the formal letter, your membership will be activated. Your first two weeks are always free no matter which package you select.

Adoption Process with Your Adoption Gateway


Choose membership package

Select the membership plan that meets your family’s adoption needs. Your Adoption Gateway offers three AFFORDABLE membership plans, which are designed to fit every budget.


Create your adoption profile.

Our customized and user friendly profiles allow you to add pictures and videos of your family and describe yourself in a meaningful and eloquent manner.


Communicate & build a relationship

You have the option to email other adoptive families for support as well as view and communicate with expectant mothers considering adoption. The expectant mothers have the option to create profiles or they can remain anonymous. If the expectant mothers choose to create a profile you can email as many as you would like.
As you begin to email expectant mothers, it is important to keep the conversation friendly, positive and encouraging. Try to get to know who they are, what they like to do for fun and what type of family they are looking for. The conversation will begin to flow naturally as you both begin to bond and gain each other’s trust.


Discuss the adoption plan

Once both parties become comfortable with each other and agree to the match, continue to build on the relationship and get to know each other. This is where you and the birthmother will discuss the adoption plan, expressing the level of contact and methods of contact you both prefer during the pregnancy. If the birthmother you selected is asking for financial assistance make sure you speak with your attorney, since only some states allow families to provide financial assistance to birthmothers.


Discuss the hospital plan

As her delivery approaches, you and the birthmother should create a hospital plan that outlines any rules or boundaries that you both agree to and are most comfortable with during the hospital stay.



Depending on the state, it usually takes 24-72 hours for the adoption paperwork to be finalized.
Once your adoption is finalized, please feel free to share your story with us. You can email us at youradoptiongateway@gmail.com.

How to afford adoption

Your Adoption Gateway offers VERY affordable membership packages that are designed to not cause strain on your wallet. We truly believe families should not have to suffer financially to bring a life into their family. We offer significantly lower rates than adoption agencies, facilitators and other online exposure websites. We want you to save your money and use it toward the child that you will be placed with.

There are many ways to save money and cut down on your adoption costs. Your Adoption Gateway believes you should know about the resources and options that are available to you. Please continue reading to see how you can cut costs.


The Adoption Tax Credit

As of 2014, the federal government is allowing families to claim up to $13,190 per child adopted into the home. You can claim this tax credit if you are pursuing a domestic, foster to adopt or international adoption. The adoption has to be finalized before you can claim the adoption tax credit. The adoption tax credit is a non-refundable tax credit, which means taxpayers can only get the credit reimbursed if they have federal income liability.


Employer Adoption Benefits

There are many employers out there that offer adoption assistance in the form of educational resources, financial assistance and parental leave policies. Get involved with your employer and ask questions, they may offer one or more of the benefits listed.


Family & Friends

The people in your life who are supporting you may want to offer donations and help you through your adoption journey. You can set up a donation web page with YouCaring to create your fundraiser. You can share the fundraiser with your friends, family and Facebook page to raise money for your adoption. Many people believe in adoption and want to help.


Adoption Loans

An adoption loan is another option for families to receive financial assistance to help with adoption costs. There are organizations that offer interest free adoption loans such as ABBA Fund, which is a Christian organization that helps fund domestic and international adoptions.



There are several grants available to families who are hoping to adopt such as:

  • Reece’s Rainbow offers grants for special needs children.
  • Show Hope offers grants to help families pursuing adoption.
  • Give1Save1 accepts donations on your behalf by promoting your adoption journey.
  • Lifesong for Orphans offers grants and loans to adoptive families
  • Gift of Adoption offers grants for families who have already started the adoption process, but still need more funding to the finalize the adoption.
  • Brittany’s Hope offers grants to families adopting special needs children.
  • Katelyn’s Fund provides adoptive families with financial assistance.


Adoption Fundraising

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For The Family

Young Living essential oils are incredibly versatile and like many families say, they will become an integral part of your day-to-day life. If natural health solutions are important to you, you will feel empowered using Young Living essential oils for your family. They can be used for physical wellness, household cleaning, pet care, and more! As an adoptive family, you will find them to greatly support the emotional states and stages your family will go through. By enrolling through our team, you will be connected to our community of families who use Young Living products, for support.

A great guide for you to explore essential oil use for the whole family, is “Essential Oils Desk Reference,” by Life Science Publishing.

For Infants (6+ Months)

Usage of essential oils is highly individualized by family; however, most babies under six months generally do not need essential oils. They need breast milk or formula, the love of their mother and father, and lots of snuggles! Many essential oils are appropriate for use with infants 6+ months and children, and they should be diluted prior to use. It is recommended by Young Living to use a carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc). A carrier oil simply means that the essential oil is diluted and carried into the body by the fruit based oils. One drop of essential oil per 4 teaspoons of carrier oil is a good place to start. Apply to the bottom of feet and apply socks or apply on their back. Just to name a few, moms love Young Living’s Lavender, DiGize, SleepyIze, RutaVala, Gentle Baby and Peace & Calming oils for their little ones.

A great resource for your essential oil use during pregnancy, infancy, and beyond, is the book, “Gentle Babies,” by Debra Raybern.

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