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Press Release

Press Release

Your Adoption Gateway

El Paso, TX

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Contact: Jill Wyckoff

Office: 844.783.8209


Modern Approach To Open Adoption


EL PASO, Texas- July 21, 2015- Today Your Adoption Gateway announced the grand opening of their innovative and modern approach to open adoption. Your Adoption Gateway is an adoption social network that connects expectant mothers and families considering adoption. They provide a safe space for expectant women and adoptive parents to seek support, interact, and build a profound relationship through adoption. Families and expectant mothers can simply logon, setup a user profile and start talking immediately. Your Adoption Gateway was built to streamline their searching efforts and bring both communities to one, cyber location.

Your Adoption Gateway is a family owned company, created by three women who have faced miscarriages, infertility, and loss throughout their lives. “My husband and I have been through two tragic miscarriages, we were heartbroken at the time, which is why we chose adoption for our family. We empathize with the families that struggle to expand their family,” stated Jill Wyckoff, President of Your Adoption Gateway. Your Adoption Gateway recognizes the personal struggle that families go through as well as the financial strain for those considering adoption.

Your Adoption Gateway prides itself on its competitive and affordable family packages. “We truly believe families should not have to spend $10,000 to $30,000 dollars to adopt a baby, their money should go towards raising the child,” asserted by Emily Bolander, Co-Owner of Your Adoption Gateway. Your Adoption Gateway offers every family a free two-week trial period and three affordable membership packages for families considering adoption. The membership plans start at $20.00 dollars a month.

The beautifully crafted and modern adoption website will help push the age-old adoption process into the 21st century, helping women and families meet and express themselves in an eloquent manner without the hefty burden on their wallet.

I am a wife, mother of two, and love anything and everything adoption. I am an avid adoption supporter and love to help others complete their family through adoption. If you love adoption too, Like and follow our blog! <3


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