How to Afford Adoption

How to Afford Adoption

Your Adoption Gateway offers VERY affordable membership packages that gives your family extra exposure and a greater online presence so you have more opportunities to connect with expectant mothers considering adoption. Our membership packages are designed to not cause strain on your wallet. We truly believe families should not have to suffer financially to bring a life into their family. We offer significantly lower rates than adoption agencies, facilitators and other online exposure websites. We want you to save your money and use it toward the child that you will be placed with.

There are many ways to save money and cut down on your adoption costs. Your Adoption Gateway believes you should know about the resources and options that are available to you. Please continue reading to see how you can cut costs.

6 Tips to Afford Adoption


Adoption Tax Credit

As of 2014, the federal government is allowing families to claim up to $13,190 per child adopted into the home. You can claim this tax credit if you are pursuing a domestic, foster to adopt or international adoption. The adoption has to be finalized before you can claim the adoption tax credit. The adoption tax credit is a non-refundable tax credit, which means taxpayers can only get the credit reimbursed if they have federal income liability.


Employer Adoption Benefits

There are many employers out there that offer adoption assistance in the form of educational resources, financial assistance and parental leave policies. Get involved with your employer and ask questions, they may offer one or more of the benefits listed.



There are several grants available to families who are hoping to adopt such as:

Reece’s Rainbow offers grants for special needs children.
Show Hope offers grants to help families pursuing adoption.
Give1Save1 accepts donations on your behalf by promoting your adoption journey.
Gift of Adoption offers grants for families who have already started the adoption                 process, but still need more funding to the finalize the adoption.
Lifesong for Orphans offers grants and loans to adoptive families.
Brittany’s Hope offers grants to families adopting special needs children.
Katelyn’s Fund provides adoptive families with financial assistance.



Adoption Loans

An adoption loan is another option for families to receive financial assistance to help with adoption costs. There are organizations that offer interest free adoption loans such as ABBA Fund, which is a Christian organization that helps fund domestic and international adoptions.


Family & Friends

The people in your life who are supporting you may want to offer donations and help you through your adoption journey. You can set up a donation web page with YouCaring to create your fundraiser. You can share the fundraiser with your friends, family and Facebook page to raise money for your adoption. Many people believe in adoption and want to help.


Adoption Fundraising

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If you are considering adoption for your family and you would like to expand your nationwide outreach and connect with expectant mothers sooner join our adoption community, Your Adoption Gateway. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 844.783.8209 or email us at

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