Interview: The Impact of Adoption & The Emotional Wait

Interview: The Impact of Adoption & The Emotional Wait

Interview: The Impact of Adoption & The Emotional Wait

Describe your first adoption experience and how is it similar to your second adoption journey?

We have numerous people in our lives that have adopted or have been adopted, so we were familiar with the process.  After trying on our own and going through IVF numerous times, we met with our lawyer in October and had one last IVF cycle in December. Our thought was, whatever path is meant to be is meant to be. Needless to say we did not get pregnant on our own, so we knew adoption was our path. Our first adoption actually was a pretty smooth /unique one for us! We met with our lawyer and then 9 months later we had a beautiful baby girl! We were determined to have a family, knew it was going to work and kept our eye on the prize. We really didn’t know what to expect the first time around, we had a few phone calls that were scams, a few phone calls from some people wanting to be a surrogate for us, two “failed situations” and then the right situation just came along.

We literally got a call to come pick up our daughter. We hopped on a plane to Arizona, drove 3 hours to a little town called Yuma and met with the BM and our daughter the next day. She signed the papers and we were a family. The BM had called us a few times, but never left a message. Our lawyer always told us to call any number back, but for some reason we didn’t. At that time, we had another situation going on that we thought was the “right one,” but they had disappeared, so maybe we were feeling a little discouraged. She took our ad and brought it to the hospital and told the social worker that she wanted us to have her baby. We are forever grateful for her and take the responsibility of being her parents very seriously. We don’t have contact with the BM because this was her choice. As for this time around, it is taking what feels like forever!! Other than that, it is pretty much the same!

Dan & Randi | Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Our Family: Randi, Dan, & Hailey

How has adoption impacted your lives?

How has it not impacted our lives? We think that it has made us more grateful and appreciative of what we have. My friend once said to me: “You never complain about anything when it comes to being a mom, like others I have heard.” I explained to her that I have been waiting my whole life to be a mom, so there is nothing to complain about. I am enjoying every minute. The good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t get me wrong, we still struggle with parenting and things are not always perfect, but we would never complain about it because this is what we have always wanted. When things come easy to someone or you haven’t walked in their shoes, you can’t understand. The flip side of this is that because of adoption, we have made some wonderful friends who truly understand EVERYTHING!  We go through this journey with them as “adoptive parents” and the children will never feel alone because they will always know that they have someone just like them to talk about whatever they need too.

Waiting To Be Matched

Is it hard on your family waiting to be matched?

It has been an emotional roller coaster and we never expected it to take this long. There are a lot more scammers out there, mostly because of the internet (Facebook especially), which was not as popular back then. Seems that people are more comfortable with texting, not speaking or messaging via Facebook. This leads to a lot of people that can try to scam you. I am not speaking about the financial piece; they are emotional scammers, which is worse. We try our best to stay positive; we have our good days and our bad days. We sometimes want to throw in the towel because we have been doing this close to two years now and sometimes you say when is enough, enough. The time spent waiting is hard, but we are hopeful that we will have another child. We don’t see our family complete without it.

Our first experience with adoption, was just one of the most awesome experiences and we really are unable to put it into words. We can’t wait to make another special connection with a birthmom and welcome another beautiful baby into our lives. We respect and honor the hard decision that birth mothers make and we realize it may be the most difficult one they may ever face. We believe that choosing adoption is truly the most selfless decision that anyone could make. We are ready to embrace parenthood again, no matter what it throws at us and we are hopeful we will soon have a baby to love and care for. We believe there is no greater gift than to see the world through a child’s eyes, and are so excited for this opportunity to experience this again!

Dan and Randi continue their search to bring home a baby through adoption. If you would like more information or to contact them directly feel free to visit their adoption profile.

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