Love Is Worth The Wait

Love Is Worth The Wait

Love Is Worth The Wait

From the moment Sam and Victoria met through an online dating service, they knew they would be in each other’s lives forever. “I came across Victoria’s profile and said “wow.” I loved her beautiful smile and it was obvious to me the love of life that flowed out of her post. Even though I am a man of few words, I put together a long detailed message and sent it off to Victoria. After a few weeks, with encouragement from her best friend, she replied and we began chatting. Finally, after working up the nerve right after New Year’s, Victoria invited me to lunch. The “quick lunch” ran through dinner and beyond. We left the restaurant when they closed at 10PM! On my way home that night I called one of my good friends and said I just met someone who will become a very important person in my life,” states Sam.

As their love blossomed, Sam, who works for a drug development company and Victoria a stay at home stepmother, often discussed having a large family with children of their own. “Victoria has always wanted children and we frequently discussed her previous experiences with fertility treatments and medical issues preventing her from having a child,” says Sam. Sam and Victoria knew early on in their relationship that they planned on having multiple children to love and support throughout their lives. Having a large family was always a dream of theirs. After two years of dating, Sam and Victoria said “I do” on Valentines Day, committing their lives to one another and celebrating their love with close family and friends. “Our wedding day was breathtaking. Sam’s son was an important part of the process; he was the best man. One of the most amazing pictures of the day happened when Nate was standing outside being a bit impatient and I pulled back my veil, leaned down and kissed Nate on the cheek. The grin on his face was priceless and really captured the happiness surrounding that day,” says Victoria.

Once Sam and Victoria were married, they couldn’t wait to begin the next chapter of their life, expanding their family. Sam and Victoria were aware of their infertility issues from year’s prior and they knew that adoption was the answer. They immediately started sharing their adoption aspirations with family, friends and neighbors who had adopted. Adoption has always been a natural way of life for their family and every child is welcomed into the family with unconditional love and compassion.

Sam and Victoria started their adoption journey at the very beginning of 2015 and became officially approved to adopt with the finalization of their home study. “We have been researching and discussing adoption from the beginning of our relationship. We hired an adoption agency in February and are looking forward to completing our family with the addition of a child.”

Now that Sam and Victoria have completed all the legal requirements, they patiently await to be matched with an expectant mother considering adoption. “We are in one of the most difficult portions of the adoption journey, waiting. Many other adoptive parents have told us that once your family is together you realize the wait was worth it. In our hearts we know this is true and we cannot wait for the day where we get to share our love with a little child,” says Sam. The family knows that the adoption process comes with ups and downs and can be a test of patience. They rely on each other and their strong support network of family and friends to receive encouragement and stay positive throughout their adoption journey.

Sam and Victoria dream of the day when they can become parents again and share so many happy moments together as a family. “I look forward to that moment of content where my daughter falls asleep on my chest and our hearts are aligned in position and rhythm. I shared this moment with my son as well and it was unforgettable, “ stated Sam. There are many activities they hope to share with their child as she grows. “We also look forward to sharing the things we both experienced growing up and made us who we are today- swimming, boating, animals and pets, traveling and learning. We will always be there and help our child deal with the difficult things in life as well,” says Victoria.

Sam and Victoria are still waiting to meet a wonderful birth mother who is considering adoption for her child. They have been reaching out to friends, family, and through social media and digital adoption companies such as Your Adoption Gateway to spread the word and bring home a baby through adoption. They know that a birthmother’s choice to place her child for adoption is truly a selfless and admirable decision, one that is not taken lightly. Sam and Victoria plan to always honor the birthmother and create an adoption plan that is comfortable for all of them. They are open to sharing letters and pictures as the child grows and will always be thankful for the chance to raise and welcome a baby into their home. As they await that special day, Sam and Victoria believe that love is always worth the wait.

If you would like to learn more about Sam and Victoria, feel free to visit their adoption profile and message them directly.

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