Our Adoption Adventure: All For The Love Of A Baby

Our Adoption Adventure: All For The Love Of A Baby

Our Adoption Adventure: All For The Love Of A Baby

Our Adoption Adventure: All For The Love Of A Baby

This week’s blog features Michael and Danielle an inspiring adoptive family who have been waiting two years to complete their family through the miracle of adoption. They are a model family that emanates strength, resilience, and an unwavering love of faith and family. Michael and Danielle are true partners in life and are best friends hoping to welcome a baby into their hearts and family. Today, they are sharing their adoption adventure, and their hopes and dreams of adding to their family; all for the love of a baby.

We hope to bring home a baby through adoption.

Michael & Danielle | Hopeful Adoptive Family

We are best friends and hope to share our lives with a child.

How did you two meet?

We met online through Catholic Match. We really hit it off when we initially connected through e-mails and phone calls and we knew we wanted to go out on a date. Our first date was a romantic dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant in Manhattan and the conversation never stopped. After dinner we continued talking as we strolled through the city and as the evening came to an end we both knew we had to see each other again. Our first date lasted hours and we knew early on that we shared many of the same core values: our faith, our relationships with family and friends and family traditions.

We both love traveling. Michael has traveled the world as part of his career in the Merchant Marine and at one point even circumnavigated the globe on a ship. Danielle participated in an exciting study program aboard a ship that traveled around the world. Also in Danielle’s production career in Hollywood and New York she often traveled as part of the TV or film crew to places all over the country and the world.

When we met, it was so funny to discover that we had both traveled around the world by ship, so when Michael decided to propose he knew it had to be onboard a ship. Michael was about to leave for a sea voyage and was able to get permission for Danielle to come aboard the ship for a period of time during the voyage. One beautiful, sunny afternoon Michael brought Danielle to the bow of the ship to show her the gorgeous ocean views and surprised her by getting down on one knee and proposing on the bow of the ship at sea. Michael marked the longitude and latitude and rang the ship’s bell three times in celebration. When the ship pulled into port Michael had arranged a wonderful dinner at a romantic restaurant.

We love to travel


We hope to share our adventures with our future child.

Washington D.C.


 Describe your wedding day.

Our wedding day was absolutely spectacular! We were both so excited. We were wed in a chapel on a hill overlooking the water surrounded by our family and friends. The day was filled with love and joy and countless blessings. We had a large wedding because we wanted to include every family member and friend in our celebration. We have been married 7 years now and still have so much fun together. We are still so deeply in love and have remained best friends throughout the years.

 Describe your adoption journey.

We have wanted to have a child since we have been married. We have been married seven years and have been on our adoption journey for a little over two years. We had detailed conversations with our family members who have adopted and did a ton of research on our own. We then contacted an adoption attorney, completed our home study as quickly as possible, networked on-line and off line and signed with an agency in our state. We have attended adoption support group meetings and talked with birthmothers who have placed. Every birthmom we have met at the adoption support groups is such a loving, strong, selfless woman! We still are hopeful everyday and pray we will be matched with an expectant mother soon.

The adoption journey has been a longer journey than we anticipated so far, but we try to remain positive every day. Some days are harder than others, but we never lose faith. Due to the fact that we live in New York State we pretty much have to be directly discovered by an expectant mother or her personal attorney. So we pray every day that a woman who is making an adoption plan finds our profile on-line and contacts us directly (or contacts our adoption attorney to ask about us specifically). We are here waiting with open hearts and open arms every day. We dream about that phone call every night. We can’t wait to have a family, but we know we must wait and remain patient and positive.

Our wedding day.

Do you plan on being a stay at home mother?

Yes. I can’t wait to be a stay at home mom. It’s something I’ve dreamt of my whole life. I love spending time with our nieces and nephews and watching them grow. Both of our mothers stayed at home and we feel it was an invaluable experience for us when we were children. I look forward to just spending everyday moments with our child and supporting their learning and growth.

When our child is a baby I cannot wait to rock them and sing them lullabies. To make sure their days are filled with the love and warmth of family and plenty of play and laugher. I look forward to reading them beautiful stories and to telling them how loved they are everyday. As they grow I look forward to many, many visits to the park and the playground, to trips to fun children’s museums and amusement parks and family vacations. I want to be the mom who makes hot chocolate after sled riding or making snow angels and the mom who can attend their sporting events or music recitals. I look forward to helping them with homework and encouraging them.

I cannot wait spend days helping our child discover the world around them and to teach them all that I can. But the most important thing is that our child knows that there is unconditional love in our home and I hope by staying at home as a mother our child will always feel security and love.

There so many moments we look forward sharing with our future child that there are almost too many to mention. But some moments that stand out in our hearts are:

  • Baby’s first words
  • Baby’s first steps
  • Meals together at our family table
  • Going to church together as a family
  • Celebrating Christmas as a family in our home
  • Spending holidays with our extended family
  • Birthday parties
  • First day of school
  • Family vacations (especially going on our annual beach vacation with the whole extended family)
  • Going to baseball games
  • Trips to Disney World
  • Graduation ceremonies

Even though we look forward to each of these moments, the most important thing to us is the simple every day moments of family life that we can’t wait to share with our future child.

A hug from our niece.

Describe your family.

We both come from large families and we like to celebrate the holidays together. Holidays are always magical, particularly Christmas which is our favorite holiday. We especially love celebrating Christmas with the extended family. We all come together and share in the making of the meal; even the children enjoy taking part in this tradition. On Christmas Eve we often spend the night with extended family and then Christmas morning usually starts with our nieces and nephews rushing down the stairs to see what Santa left for them under the tree and in their stockings. It is such a joy to share in their happiness. Then we usually enjoy yummy homemade goodies such as cinnamon rolls. After going to church, we spend the afternoon cooking a traditional Christmas meal and then sit down to give thanks and share the meal together. There have been many Christmases when we have a party on Christmas night where neighbors and friends from near and far are invited to stop by and celebrate with us. It is always a day filled with joy, laughter and love.

Our Family

Building a snowman.

Our extended family.

Christmas in New York.

We hope you consider us in your adoption search.

We hope that by looking at our pictures and reading about our life you will find comfort in knowing how much we want to share our lives with a child through adoption. Please know that we offer our support and prayers. It is obvious that you are trying to make the best decision for your child and the adoption plan you are making is being made out of love and selflessness. Always know we will unconditionally love and cherish your child and they will forever know the sacrifices you have made out of love.

Michael and Danielle are an inspiring adoptive family who are continuing their adoption adventure all for the love of a baby. If you or anyone you know is considering adoption and would like to learn more about Michael and Danielle feel free to visit their adoption profile and message them directly. 

I am a wife, mother of two, and love anything and everything adoption. I am an avid adoption supporter and love to help others complete their family through adoption. If you love adoption too, Like and follow our blog! <3


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